Western Lawn Sculptures

Adding a bronze garden sculpture can enhance pretty much any size lawn. The gardener who thinks firsts about what they want to display and then carries out the work with care and thoutfullness can make somthing of the lawn that will transcend the ages.

Symbolism in western lawn sculptures

Symbols of the American West can make inspiring lawn sculptures that enhance the beauty of your garden and announce your patriotism to all visitors.

Animals in western lawn sculptures

The animals of North America are great inspirations for lawn sculptures. A bald eagle, grizzly bear or mountain lion are all seen as lawn ornaments in large and small gardens across the continent. A lone howling wolf looks particularly striking when raised above the lawn on a large rock or boulder. The use of the right materials is important when adding a sculpture to a rock. Some stones look out of place when added to a lawn. The effect that works for most people is a shape and positioning that mimics the natural rocks in the local area. A large lump of grey flint in an area of natural red sandstone will almost invariably look out of place and can seem somewhat tacky, so do be careful.

A great idea for a Western lawn sculpture for a larger lawn is a full size bronze buffalo or even two or more. However, if you overdo it and create a whole herd of buffalo on your lawn it can look a little forced and the symbolism and majesty of a smaller number of ornaments is diminished.

Even humble crops can be turned into successful lawn ornaments. Corn has the sybolic associations of native american life and bronze sculptures of sheaves of corn can make arresting focal points when places carefully on a lawn.

Birds are always a favourite with sculptors, and so many are available. Do pick a native species. An ostritch or penguin will look a bit daft surrounded by our natural western birds, flying down to inspect such an interloper.

When thinking about people as subjects for lawn ornaments, do take note of the sensitivities of neighbours if the lawn is overlooked. A person who places an ornament in an attempt to provoke a negative reation from others is not a good american. We all should care for the feelings of others and not attempt to upset them needlessly.

Having said that, a grat symbol of the american west is the horse and rider and some of the most beautiful sculptures I have seen are on this subject.

The horse, all natural strength and a gentle but willing character, combined with the trail hardened cowboy, weary but determined has inspired artists for generations.

Materials in lawn sculpture

Bronze, stone and wooden sculptures can lift the spirits of everyone who sees them. However I really don't know anybody who thinks plastic sculptures have merit.

Whatever you choose, If you choose with the right spirit, you will be adding to the beauty of the country and involving yourself in the creative process.