Turf Grass Mowing

Mowing a turf lawn is both a chore and a pleasure for most gardeners. The secret of successful mowing is to do it early and often. Just like shaving a beard; cutting longer growth takes much more effort than shorter growth.

Top soccer pitches are cut every 2 or 3 days, and although this might be overdoing it a bit, a weekly trim will ensure your turf grass lawn is kept looking wonderful.

When it comes to deciding what tools to use, think about the environment. Will a noisy petrol engine alienate the neighbours? Have you got five acres of lawn or a few square yards? Do you want stripes? How much time do you want to spend mowing?

lawn mowerThe answers will help you decide on the type of lawnmower you buy. There are excellent lawnmowers at competitive prices for sale in garden centres, although some of the best bargains can be found on the internet.

One point to note is the handle should be comfortable. I recently returned a JCB lawnmower to homebase because the handle was designed in such a way that after five minutes of use I was getting cramps in my hand. Do spend the time to ensure the lawnmower you purchase is ergonomically suited to your needs. For instance, if you are tall, then ensure the handle is long enough so you don't risk back injury through continual stooping.

Whatever you choose, spending a little time mowing your lawn will keep the place looking lovely.