How to start Organic gardening

First you need to change your head space.

Apples full of pesticide, lawns devoid of all natural life. No birds singing in the trees. The vision of 'chemical' gardening is not a pretty one. When we hear that a football groundsman uses fertilizer that kills worms and then buys worm casts to rejuvenate the soil ,we must see that something is seriously wrong.

What is the point of spending time digging and planting and caring and nurturing when we then pour poisons in an attempt to make the tomatoes a little bigger? That is crazy behavior. We are better than that. It is only through organic gardening that we can reclaim our right to a sense of pride in what we grow. For if we have destroyed life in an attempt to grow prize winning plants or flowers, then the prize is a hollow one.

The time has passed for discussion. Either garden organically or stop gardening.

So how to begin. Well, take all the chemicals out of the shed and get rid of them (in an environmentally responsible way)

Then start building you new compost heap which will do a better job of keeping your garden healthy than any sludge that came out of a bottle.

Build your compost heap by adding garden waste, but always try and alternate (or mix up) wet and dry waste. If you just dump a huge pile of grass on your heap, the water will exclude aerobic bacteria which does a great job of composting. Therefore the pile will just sit there. If you mix it up with plenty of air, the bacteria, fungi, insects and worms can get to work turning your rubbish into top quality fertile compost. To aid composting you can sprinkle a thin coverage of soil on top of the recently added compost every time you visit.