Plant Pots in London

London has plant pots from all over the world and in every imaginable size, shape and colour.

london clay potLondon is also the home of a particular style of plant pot. The plain terracotta pot now so often copied in browny-red plastic is in fact, the' london pot', traditionally fired from London clay.


Whether to choose traditional or contemporary plant pot is a key question.

Garden Designers must perform a delicate balancing act to fit a pot to both its contents and its environment. A striking new metal pot in this year's shape might end up sitting amongst plants that may be getting on for hundreds of years old. If the designer is not careful the result can appear distasteful and disrespectful. Similarly, mock aged pottery can look out of place in an area of new development.

Living in London means having access to a massive source of plant pots for both indoor and outdoor use. Whatever you need, you can find it in London.

"Clay Pots are a gardeners best friend"

Terracotta plant pots may crack in frosts unless raised a few millimetres off the frozen ground. This is why some people buy ' feet' for their plant pots.