Make your own free organic plant food

Make your own plant food to save money, help supress greenfly and get more butterflies too.

Yes more butterflies, healthier plants and fewer pests is what we promise when you follow these instructions for a totally organic and totally free plant food.

The secret is to grow a small nettle or lovage patch. I perfer nettles because the butterflies and ladybugs love them so very much but lovage comes a close second if you are worried about nettle rash.

Let your nettles (or lovage) plants grow as they want to, and when plants are a good foot high or so, chop them down from the base and chop them up (using gloves of course). Now place in a bucket with a lid (important). Then add water (about a gallon for every two pounds of nettles). You can also add a few handfuls of grass clippings if you haven't got a large nettle harvest.

Leave the bucket outside for two weeks (three if the weather has been cold) And strain out the remaining plant material and drop it on the compost heap. You will find that you now have a rich, stinking liquid that your plants will just love. Dilute with 6 parts water to one part feed and use it to boost flowers, tomatoes and any garden plants that need a helping hand. The smell will disappear after about 10-15 minutes.