Gardening Tips for June

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Thin out your carrots now to avoid over-crowding.

Push thin stakes in to the ground near your tomatoes to support new growth. The same applies for peas that are now going to need a bit of support.

Onions should be starting to get bulbous at the base. This is a signal that all is well.

June is the month to plant dahlias in sandy or loamy soil. If you are gardening on heavy clay, lots of organic material should be dug in a few weeks before planting the dahlias.

Rhododendrons will have nearly finished flowering now. Remove the seed heads to allow for new growth.

Weed now or face double the effort in a few weeks time. Couch Grass, bindweed and thistles need to be dug out, roots and all.

Even if we get a long dry spell, and slugs appear to have gone, come a little rain and the slugs will be out to reap havoc. Keep slug traps full and empty any slugs you catch regularly.

If we get a dry spell, remember to top up the garden pond with water from a butt.

If you have a nettle patch you will probably be enjoying lots of butterflies this month. To keep them coming for another month, cut back half the patch to encourage fresh nettle growth.