Gooseberry Propogation

gooseberryTo propogate new bushes from an existing gooseberry bush, take cuttings of healthy shoots in autumn. Choose a section about a foot long and cut with a sharp knife. Remove all but the top four buds from your cutting. Push the bottom six inches of your cutting into well prepared soil and water well

Now all you have to do is wait. The cuttings should be ready for planting out in one or possibly two years.



In the first year in particular you must check your new gooseberry for pests. Particularly bothersome and potentially disasterous are the caterpillars that sit on the edge of young leaves.


The Gooseberry Sawfly catterpillars (Nematus ribesii) are easily identifiable. They have black spots all over their light green bodies. They can strip a bush of all it's foliage quite quickly

If you find them remove the little beggars by hand (this is the most effective technique). Alternatively spray the Gooseberry bush with a fatty acid spray (safe to humans and garden wildlife) when you first notice the caterpillars. They generally only come out between June and September.