Gooseberry Propagation

The Gooseberry (ribes grossularia) is not a difficult plant to proagate. It is a hardy deciduous shrub that will grow to about three foot tall and produces a delicious fruit in great quantities.

gooseberry (ribes grossularia) To propagate new bushes from an existing gooseberry bush, take cuttings of healthy shoots in autumn. Choose a section about a foot long and cut with a sharp knife. Remove all but the top four buds from your cutting. Push the bottom six inches of your cutting into well prepared soil and water well

Now all you have to do is wait. The cuttings should be ready for planting out in one or possibly two years.

When they are big enough plant them directly into free draining well-dug and composted soil or a large container (at least 14 inches across at the base and place in sunny or partially shaded position.

Eventually you could be getting upwards of 10Lb of per plant