Garden Candle Lantern

You can make your own lantern from

Many magazines and web sites over recent years have shown us how to make decorative candle lanterns for garden use over the last few years.

Most suggest drilling holes in tin cans but this is a difficult and dangerous thing to do and a lot of effort when you want 20 or so garden candle lanterns for your party tomorrow.

BORING and unimpressive!

tin can garden lantern.

Through trial and error we have discovered an easier and prettier technique for making your own really decorative candle lanterns. We use aluminum beer cans and prick out designs in punched tin technique.

Fill an empty can with water and place in the freezer until frozen solid. Now scrub off the ink to reveal a shiny aluminum can surface

Find a design that will look good when pricked out in dots. Take your inspiration from rustic tin-punched folk art. Using a crayon or soft pencil draw simple squares, circles, star shapes and triangles on to your tin. A simple geometric pattern will be easy and may look very unprofessional in pencil, but when it becomes a thousand points of light it will look fantastic.

Now using a thick needle, prick out the image with evenly spaced dots. If too much ice melts the can may buckle so if necessary put it back in the freezer for a while.

Once done place a couple of larger holes on opposite sides near the top rim for a wire handle to be inserted later. You can now clean off the pencil marks with a scourer and let the ice melt and pour away the water.

Now carefully cut out the top of the can with a sharp knife and insert a wire handle. drop a tea light candle into the can and see how wonderful it looks.

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