Seasonal floral information and opinion

Pink flowers for a girl and Blue flowers for a boy is the old way of thinking. These days green flowers, orange flowers, yellow, blue and even black flowers seek our attention. From the most exclusive florist to the smallest window box , a beautiful riot of colour and heavenly scented perfumes surround us. Roses, begonias, tulips, lilies and a million varieties of fresh flowers are everywhere. It is easy to ignore flowers, but when we stop for a moment and look, smell and enjoy we are rewarded.

The funny thing is that they are not even intended for us. Flowers are a plants way of getting insects to pollenate them. The colours and smells are there to attract the bees and butterflies and help ensure the plants survival. We are the lucky onlookers who get to see nature working in her most beautiful way.

The meanings of Flowers

Over a very long period of time, a complex code of meaning was established using flowers as a vocabulary. Until quite recently there were specific meanings associated with the giving of different flower varieties. Some meanings, such as red roses being a declaration of love survive to this day, but others have been forgotten.

The Royal Horticultural Society is a great website about all things related to flowers.