Cheap Garden Sheds

So much more than just a place to store the lawnmower and tools, Garden Sheds are a british institution. Essential for the keen gardener as we look towards organic food and a better environmental attitude, finding a decent garden shed at a price you can afford has become ever more important.

What makes a good Garden Shed?

Firstly a shed needs to be sturdy. Whether made from Wood, metal or plastic your shed should last for years and years. Second hand wooden sheds are prone to rotting at the apex of the roof and where the guttering is attached.

Secondly a shed needs to be big enough for your needs. If you want to store bicycles in your shed then a 5 footer is simply not going to be big enough. Seven foot is the minimum length needed to easily get two bicycles in and out of a shed.

Thirdly a cheap garden shed needs to look OK. Having an eyesore in the garden is no fun. If you really must have an ugly shed, hide it with shrubs or screening plants such as bamboo.

There are so many different styles of wooden shed to choose from.

Metal Sheds are not so abundant, but may provide better security if you have lots of valuable tools and gardening equipment.

Plastic Sheds are the true budget option. Easy to put up, they mostly come as flatpack preformed units. Plastic sheds are also rot, rust proof and virtually maintenance free. Plastic sheds do not need painting as they are made from all-weather PVC.

We realised we needed a thin but doubly long shed for our garden and had resigned ourselves to buying two cheap six foot sheds and joining them together. However our local shed company produces a 13ft long, 3 ft wide half shed for us at the same price as a standard off the shelf 6x4.