Care for lawns

Caring for Lawns is not too difficult

The truth is, that for all the fancy products available in the gardening stores, providing care for lawns is a straightforward affair. I had the pleasure of working with the head groundsman of the old Wembley stadium and his stated opinion was that lawns basically require just five things:

Providing the first is the work of the weather and the watering can. The best brand of fertilizer for lawncare is a matter of debate. However, as long as you find a product that gives about one pound of slow release nitrogen for every 1,000 square feet of lawn, it should do just fine.

Supplying air to your lawn is a matter of sticking a fork in the ground and giving it a wiggle. The resulting small but deep holes allow oxygen to get to the roots of the grasses.

The day after aerating your lawn, sprinkle a good couple of handfuls of sand on every square yard and brush it in. This will improve the soil no end (although the lawn will look horrible for a couple of days. Nevertheless, sanding is an excellent lawn care procedure and should not be avoided.

Finally the mowing. Well if you want a striped lawn you need a cylinder mower, but most people prefer the ease of use of a hover-rotary mower. The only thing you MUST DO is collect the lawn clippings to ensure a weed free future for your lawn.