Make a Bird Scarer

Birds are wonderful creatures, and great slug hunters, but they do like to eat fruit too. A few berries are OK, but when an entire tree or row of bushes is picked clean something needs to be done. Since birds scare easily, movement, flashes and noises all will spook them off before they eat the entire crop.

bottle for bird scarerHere is are the instructions for a simple bird scarer that sits on top of a thin bamboo garden cane and spins like a windmill.

Cut the shape shown in blue from a drinks bottle. Fold back along the dotted line to make a flap. You will need to make 3 of these equally spaced around the circumfrence of the bottle in order to ensure it spins regardless of wind direction.

Leave the lid on the bottle, but cut a small hole in the middle of the base of the bottle. Smooth the edges of the hole and drop the bottle over a bamboo cane. It should spin in the slightest wind and scare away birds.