Kitsch Beer Can Lantern

Good beer, a barbecue and atmospheric lighting all add up to a summer party venue. These great lanterns are a top way to add a little light to your garden. As you can see from the photograph, by simply picking out elements of the design on a beercan and then lighting it from behind using a candle, you can create an original recycled beer can lantern that glows beautifully in the darkness of a hot summer night.

Make a lantern

grolsh beer can lantern

Find a beer can you like the design (and taste) of and empty the contents in the traditional manner. Then (once the beer has worn off) using a sharp hole punch (or any needle or pin you can safely grip), gently prick out the image of the logo and graphics with evenly spaced dots. The can will get slight dents, but these add to the look of the thing and can easily be dealt with later on.

Pricking out a design can take about 1 hour if you are using a fine needle or about 40 minutes using a nail. Take the time to do it well and you will find that the end result is worth the effort.

Once your beer can design is done place a couple of larger holes on opposite sides near the top rim for a wire handle to be inserted. You might also consider making a little door on one side so you can easily get the candle in and out.

beercan Now carefully cut out the top of the can with a sharp pair of snips and insert a wire handle. drop a tea light candle into the can and hang it in a safe place.