Gardening Tips for August

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In the middle of summer there are plenty of things to do in the garden

The most imporant is to ENJOY the garden. This is what it is all about. Take the time to sit in the sun and look around at nature working its socks off.

If you are worried about a dry spell, mulch the soil. Mulch aids water retention so you needn't be out there all hours with the garden hose.

Keep ants out of trees with a sticky band around the tree trunk.

Water trees that are suffering from the heat by using a drip bag which hangs from the trunk and delivers about 20 gallons of water directly to the roots over the space of a few hours. These are known as Gator bags in the USA and Canada.

The first week in August is probably the last week for planting winter vegetable seeds. Red cabbage and some Kale varieties planted this month will grace your dining table come the holiday season. You can also still sow quicker crops such as beetroot, radishes, spring onions and of course lettuce.

My favourite idea is to plant a late carrot crop. It will never grow to great size in the low autumn light, but small succulent and flavoursome fresh carrots in late autumn are a lovely treat when all you can get in the shops are huge monster carrots..

Apples and plums are ripening now. You might consider making your own cider.