Apple varieties and descriptions

apple tree in blossomApples (Malus Domestica) are a fruit that have been cultivated for many centuries and many thosands of varieties exist. Here are some descriptions of popular apple varieties. They can be bought on different rootstocks to alter the height and spread of the resulting apple trees.

There are over 4000 apple varieties around the world, but many people only ever experience their local variety or the few options provided by supermarkets. However, a little investigation reaps amazing rewards. Here is a short list of some apple varieties which are worth hunting down.


It is estimated that there are 7,500 varieties of apple grown around the world, with golden delicious the most widely grown variety. Although pretty bland, it has good keeping qualities and is usually blemish free.

More than 20% of all the apples grown each year are pressed and processed into apple juice and cider.