The Garden Space Pages

A wide selection of articles on digging, planting growing, harvesting and anything related to the patch of mud outside the backdoor. Your garden is your space and we can help you make the best of it. We love to garden ourselves and this is the best advice we can give.

Info on the flower morning glory - the story on these beautiful climbers.

How to make Cider from your own apples - perfect apples make the perfect drink.

Garden Bench - sit down and enjoy your garden

Grow Grapes - Plant your own little vinyard.

How to chit potatoes - give potatoes a boost before you plant them

Cold Frames - a handy place to start off tender pants.

Propgating African Violets - easy ways to get more violets for your money.

Choosing the best secateurs- a snip when you know what to look for

Cottage Garden Landscape Design

Care for Hydrangeas- Big blousy flower heads to delight everyone

Chocolate Cosmos - my favourite flowers which are also very popular with our local bees

Companion Planting - boost veg yields and help the environment work with you.

Gooseberry Propogation

Garden Tools- whats the point of gardening if you can't go and get yourself some nice kit.

Plant Pots London

Ornamental Garden Sheds- Its not just a man thing you know.

Free organic plant food- Making your own plant food is fun, if a bit smelly

Get Rid of Slugs without using chemicals

Care for lawns

Grass Mowing

Start organic gardening

Herb Gardening

Growing Sweetcorn


Pruning Privet hedges

Apple Varieties and Descriptions

Growing apples from seed.It isn't such a good idea as you may think

When to prune apples and How to make Cider

Weed Control

Plants and Pets

Stinging Nettle Facts


Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

Garden Candle lanterns to make yourself.

Beer Can Lanterns

Family pages

Gardening Links

Gardening Tips, Month by Month

Western lawn Sculptures